Manx Mountain Marathon

2017 see's the Manx Mountain Marathon enter its 5th year of evolution, following feedback received from runners past and present the committee have decided to keep the Half Manx Mountain Marathon over the southern 22km of the marathon course. With the exception of a minor route change to avoid running on the road the mountain race will follow the same route as the Half Manx Mountain Marathon (last ran in 2012)


Compulsory Equipment

All competitors must start the race carrying all of the following equipment and carry it with them for the duration of the race:

  • Waterproof whole body cover (taped seams, hat, gloves)
  • Other body cover appropriate for the weather conditions (i.e. thermal base layer)
  • Map and compass suitable for navigating the course
  • Whistle
  • Emergency food ration (not required for check at finish)

Equipment checks will be taken at the start, during the race and the finish. This rule will be strictly enforced and any competitor found not to be in full compliance will automatically be disqualified.

Mobile Phones

It is advisable to carry a mobile phone. It could prove invaluable in an emergency. However, please be aware that certain parts of the course have poor network coverage. If carrying a phone during the race, please provide the phone number when signing on at Registration.


Manx Mountain Marathon

At St Paulʼs Church Hall, Market Place, Ramsey on the morning of the race (GR. 453943) Google Street View

Early start Ultra, for those expecting to take over 8 hours,  from 6.45am until 7.15am.

Late start for the Ultra, for those expecting to take under 8 hours,  from 7.30am until 8.15am.

Half Manx Mountain Marathon

Registration for the mountain race will take place in the car park adjacent to the entrance to St John’s Primary School between 12:00 and 12:45pm (GR. 278816) Google Street View

The Start

The start of the Manx Mountain Marathon is from Market Place, Ramsey (GR. 453943).

The Half Manx Mountain Marathon will start from the Patrick Road, just a short walk from the registration area. Competitors will be shepherded to the race start from the registration area (GR. 277815)

The start of the Manx Mountain Marathon is at 8.30am

The start of the Half Manx Mountain Marathon is 13:00.

The Course (Route Descriptions)

A description of the course can be found on here. The Organising Club, Manx Fell Runners, reserves the right to change the course in any way they see fit. Flagged sections must be followed accordingly as these areas are generally through private land. It is a requirement of entry that all runners are able to navigate the course competently in potentially hazardous weather conditions.

Cut-Off Times

Bungalow 10.30am, Injebreck 11.45am, St Johns 1.15pm, Round Table 3.00pm, The Sloc 4.00pm and Finish 5.30pm. Competitors failing to reach these manned checkpoints by the cut-off times must retire from the race, if requested to do so by a race marshal.

Race Numbers

Your race number must be clearly displayed on your front and must not be cut, folded or otherwise concealed in any way. Names or numbers are not permitted to be substituted.

Safety Checks and Controls

Controls are un-manned. Competitors will be responsible for checking themselves using the punches on the various controls. There are also 6 manned safety checks where competitors must ensure that their race number is recorded by the officials for safety reasons. Details of safety checks and controls on race route description.

Water Stations

Water will be provided at the Bungalow, Injebreck Gully, Greeba Bridge, Garey Gate, Round Table Cross Roads, The Sloc and Fleshwick. However, it is important that runners carry sufficient supplies for their own needs and do not solely rely on these stations.

Road Safety

Parts of the course cross very busy main roads. These crossings will be marshalled. You must cross roads at the proper crossing points. Please follow and obey the instructions of the marshals and special constables at the road crossings.


Dogs are not permitted to accompany competitors.


Retiring from the Event

If you are unable to continue or you realise that you will not reach the cut-off points in time, you may have to retire. Any competitor retiring from the race must either report to a marshal or telephone Race Control on the number that will be printed on the reverse of each race number. Race numbers will be removed from competitors retiring from the event. Do not drop out of the race without notifying a marshal or Race Control, otherwise emergency services will be mobilised to search for you on the fells.


Transport will be arranged from Port Erin and Douglas to the start of the race in Ramsey only. Details will be provided separately. There will also be a facility for bags to be carried from the start to the finish of the Ultra in Port Erin. This facility will also apply to Mountain Race competitors starting at St Johns.

Team Event (Marathon only)

Only bona fide clubs and HM Services teams allowed. First three runners from a club to complete the full course to count. Team positions decided on aggregate time.

Post Race Meal

Meals can be purchased at the Cherry Orchard Hotel in Port Erin all day.


Will be held at the Cherry Orchard Hotel, Chequers Bar from 7pm.


Prizes will be as detailed below or equal alternatives in the form of Inov8 Vouchers.

Manx Mountain Marathon


1. £100

2. £50

3. £25

1st vet40

1st vet50

1st vet60



Half Manx Mountain Marathon


1. £50

2. £25

3. £15

Support Crews

The organisers advise all competitors support crews that the following parking places are available en route. Please park sensibly.

The Black Hut.

In the small car park on the right or on the grassed verge to the south of the corner. Please do not park close to the bend or on the northern side as this will restrict runners and approaching motorists visibility.


There are plenty of spaces in this area including an area accessed from the Tholt Y Will Road.


Fairly restricted space by the cattle grid. Parking is ok on the hill. Please do not park bellow the cattle grid.

Please note that all support crews should avoid trying to park at Greeba Bridge. There is very limited space here and that will be required for the race officials. Water will be available for all competitors here.

St Johns Station Car Park (Registration for Mountain Race)

Water and support stop for competitors of the Ultra along with spectators and registration for the Mountain Race

Round Table Cross Roads

Because of the new route competitors will be crossing the road twice here. Please park to the south and well clear of the cross roads.


Limited space on the corner.

Race History

The route was devised by Celtic scholar George Broderick in 1966. George had the idea of walking over the hills from Ramsey in the north of the Island to Port Erin in the south, beginning and ending at the town’s youth hostels.

The initial challenge was to complete the distance in under 10 hours, and in 1968 Tony Paine of East Grinstead made it to Port Erin youth hostel nine hours and fifty minutes after setting out from Ramsey. Once the challenge had been proven possible, George Broderick held discussions with the various bodies to try and organise a race for the following year. Unfortunately Easter 1969 proved too much of a rush, so it was agreed Easter 1970 would be the first running of the challenge.

May and Bill Lloyd, the wardens at Port Erin youth hostel, had an old trophy that they found lying in a cupboard, and, after a good polish, they presented it for the winner. The Lloyd Trophy is still the premier award 33 years on.

74 entries set off in the inaugural race in Arctic weather conditions. At one point the organisers were going to cancel the event but the competitors were all keen to go. Due to the pace of the runners who had entered the leaders arrived in Port Erin ahead of the expected schedule. The timekeeper had not arrived but luckily the wardens from the YMCA were there to record the winning time but only to the nearest minute. Only 12 competitors out of the 74 entries made it to the finish as the blizzard conditions forced the majority of the field to retire.

In 1972 the start was moved to Ramsey’s market square and the finish to Bradda Glen café.

In 1973 the infamous climb at Fleshwick and Milner’s tower were included, previously the route went via Surby and Bradda East. Joss Naylor won for a second time although there was controversy as he did not ascend the climb at Fleshwick!

Three classes with different starting times were introduced in 1974, elite for runners under 6 hours, standard 6 to 7½ hours and walkers (although they were allowed to run), 7½ to 10½ hours.
In 1977 Arthur Jones who had competed in several of the marathons took over as race secretary, a position he would hold with great distinction for 20 years.

There were route changes in 1987. Greeba summit was included instead of descending through the Beary. Road sections at the Bungalow, St Johns and Round Table were made off road and the decent of Fleshwick followed the coastal path to the beach instead of cutting across a field.

In 1998 the course was lengthened in the Slieau Whallian area and the finish was moved to the Cherry Orchard Hotel.

In 2000 the elite and standard class were combined and the course length was reduced in the Greeba area and the finish in Port Erin moved to the Ocean Castle Hotel. Robert Baxter became the first veteran over 70 to complete the marathon, his 24th finish.

In 2003 history was made when Ian Gale became the first local to win.

In 2005 Jolanda Linshooten from Holland became the first Continental runner to win a category when she finished first lady.

In 2007 Lloyd Taggart became the second Manxman to win setting a course best time. The race is included in the UK Ultra-Running Championships for the first time.

In 2011 Paul Thompson wins for the seventh time.

In 2012 The ascent of Lhiattne Ny Beinnee was introduced and the win was taken again by Lloyd Taggart. A relay event was trialled successfully, and may be re-incorporated in future Mountain Ultra events.

2013 Seen a new chapter in the races history with route changes to remove the main road section, new sponsor Up and Running (IOM), rebranding of the main event towards Ultra distance athletes, and a new race “IOM Mountain Race” from Ramsey to St Johns to introduce a tough long fell race catering for those who may find the Ultra just a bit too demanding!

The 2014 mountain race reverted to a course very similar to the previous Half Manx Mountain Marathon” along the latter half of the ultra route, therefore also avoiding the road section toward South Barrule

In 2017 the evetn reverted to it’s original name – Manx Mountain Marathon

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